My Story

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pa. and have earned a reputation for being accurate and honest with my clients.

Between the ups and downs and amidst the throws of life, I decided to create a business with a few friends to do tarot card readings, astrology readings, and mediumship readings. This is how the company began, but eventually we all went our separate ways and I was back at square one.

I found myself at a crossroads:

In the middle of sassy and spiritual is where you’ll find me.

In July 2018, I became sole owner of Goddess of Magi, LLC.

My lifestyle and business is more ‘urban- spiritual’ focused and grounded in everyday motherhood and life. I work just like you, and have a family just like you, that’s why I ask my clients to respect my time, as it’s shared with many.

The one thing that brought me here and kept me here is my unbelievable talent and desire for helping others through various styles of divination.

My particular style of divination combines tarot, astrology, numerology and channeling to receive your personal messages. 🔮

Brief Background: Over the past 20 years I have studied the metaphysical arts from Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Gnostic Christian and Kabbalah traditions which set the stage for my love of divination and the occult.

On June 21, 2019, I launched my Etsy store Witchy Wear Bootique that focuses on witch shirts, bruja bags and much much more wearable art that my followers would look good and feel great in. After COVID struck my merch has been halted but I’m looking towards 2023 for the Relaunch!!!

In June 2021 I officially launched Burgh Witches, a local organization in Pittsburgh PA that focuses on doing regular things together as a community IN THE COMMUNITIES!

As of May 2022: We have a 1K members and continue to grow daily, and I’ve teamed up with another local entrepreneur Tandra Jones to turn Burgh Witches into something bigger than your typical witchy group! We’re now doing more than brunches, we’re doing larger events (like Witches Day at Kennywood) and plan to have a BW retreat next fall!

Welcome to my crossroads.