Connection to Ancestors

Ancestor veneration is found throughout the world, not so much western society, but everywhere else they celebrate their ancestors by creating altars and shrines. These range from humble to lavish but the result is always the same: a stronger connection to spirit, a gateway for communication and guidance and a strong protective force on the other side.
Your ancestors are the first line of communication because they’re part of your DNA is the quickest way to unlock your metaphysical gifts. It’s also the quickest way to work with deities, especially African based deities.
When you build a relationship with your muertos then the road opening deities are more likely to work with you as they see your dedication and sacrifice through working with your ancestors.
How to create your altar :
You’ll need a minimum of one WHITE CANDLE (fire) and one glass of water. These two elements are the perfect equation for spirit communication.

You may add pictures of your passed loved ones, spiritual symbols such as your ankh or crucifix, holy books may be placed there as well.

Incense representing air element and usually some graveyard dirt of a loved one or basic sea salt to represent earth.

You may also add libations (coffee, liquor, wine, juice), tobacco or any vice they preferred (cigs, cigar, pipe, joint), a small plate of food or snack, a personal item of theirs is also good to add.
How to use:
You will light your candle, make sure you change your water every few days to a week and make sure you keep it clean and fully stocked.
*The energy you put on the altar raises the vibration. Think of a lighthouse, you don’t want a weak light in the fog, you need a strong beacon to make sure they reach you safe!

Because you’re essentially about to practice CONJURE, make sure you stay protected from negative energies.

You may use a circle of cascarilla, black crystals, sea salt, rosemary, rue, and marshmallow root to protect your altar.

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