Hoodoo Cascarilla Powders

In the tradition of Ifa and other Afro-Cuban traditions, you will see Efun (original plant based Cascarilla) was used more-so in the past than our modern counterpart Egg or Crab Shell Cascarilla Powder. Wait but what’s that? If you haven’t studied the origins of Hoodoo then you’re in for a treat.

Originally, Cascarilla is from a plant – not eggs and not crabs.

Cascarilla Plant Photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/blackdiamondimages

According to OriginalBotanica.com, “Like Santeria itself, cascarilla can be traced back to the native traditions of West Africa. Among other beliefs, the people of this region brought to the New World the concept of sacred white earth they called Efun.

They believed this substance could provide an individual with protection against evil. Cut off from their ancestral lands, they sought an alternative that could achieve the same effects. This came in the form of an herbal powder called cascarilla. The finely ground outer bark of this large, tropical shrub was already known among the Caribbean natives for its medicinal properties that included reducing fevers, operating as an expectorant, and even clearing flatulence.

In fact, the word cascarilla refers to any kind of outer skin or husk. Cascarilla also happened to possess a nearly white color. Over time, Santeria practitioners transitioned from using this herbal powder to using crushed egg shells. These were easier to come by, and the symbolism of the life-giving egg also made it very attractive.”

This is why we use egg shells today in the Hoodoo tradition as a main ingredient for protection.

These powders reverse bad luck, removes curses and all negativity and is great for overall protection. Use it in voodoo dolls, mojo bags, box spells, spiritual bathing and candle magick.

You can also use the solid form to write protection veves and charms in and around the home and work place.

Making Cascarilla Powder
Image by: http://yourhealthnation.com/egg-shells-miracle-cure/

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