Hoodoo Grocery List

We’re going to run down the most popular household items needed as a hoodoo practitioner and hope that most of you already have most of these items on hand.

The Basics

Jars – Essential for various uses; such as sweetening and sour jars.
Brown Paper/ Parchment Paper – Used to write prayers and petitions.
Incense – Homemade or otherwise, it’s a must to raise the vibration of your work. The smoke also helps to cleanse the ritual space.
Honey – For Sweetening a person to your will or charms.
Vinegar – For Souring/Vengeance, specifically hexing and jinxing. *Also for cleansings!
Oils – Olive, Sunflower or Almond (depends on use) are used as a base for ritual oils. It’s up to the rootworker to infuse and bless them with whatever is needed for their work.
Straight Pins – Used to ‘seal’ or close your work; such as when working with lemons, cucumbers, animal tongue etc… another use is for voodoo dolls to cause injury to the target
Candles – every color & every size for every kind of spell
String or Yarn – to knot someones life or to bind the work or mojo bag


Ammonia- used to cleanse and remove negative energies

Bluing Laundry Balls- used to cleanse, raise vibrations and ward off evil/ negativity

Cascarilla- used to cleanse and protect

Florida Water- used as spiritual cologne, in baths, and other washes to raise vibrations and cleanse the energies

The Herbs

Alum – used to stop gossip and loose lipped smack-talkers and protection against negative spirits.
Anise – YO, this herb is a beast. it fights off bad juju like you wouldn’t believe all the while boosting your spidey senses
Basil – draws money to the house for those working from home and great for spiritual cleanses
Bay – overcomes obstacles and brings victory over the bullish
Black Pepper – basically like with all pepper it’s used in retaliation works and revenge, interestingly can be used as reversal herb to remove curses
Cayenne – plain and simple… this is used to hot foot a mf and get them outchyo face, general hexing
Cinnamon – okay this is the best herb ever, its versatile and accessible almost anywhere: used for love, money and helps to speed up other workings
Dill – cause nothing says fuck your relationship and sex life with that bitch quite like a pickling seasoning
Eggs – used to cleanse negative energy away from people and then randomly thrown up against a tree to be analyzed
Garlic – apparently the vampire movies were onto something cause this herb repells the sheeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiit out of evil
Marjoram – protects you and the fam, also protects your job or business from curses/jinxes
Nutmeg – whole or ground, money honey
Oregano – pushes all the laws away, po-po and in-laws can get this oregano work
Poppy Seeds – talk about a mind fuck, add this to your hexing work to confuse and cause memory problems for your target
Rosemary – not her baby, the herb, typically used for protection baths and brings peace into the home
Thyme – to make your money strong like bull
*NOTE* We do our best in purchasing the actual herb or root not the processed stuff in the picture- we use that to season food, not our rootwork, but in a pinch, a true rootworker knows that REAL magic comes from the heart, not her kitchen.
Trust in yourself and work those roots!

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