Dark Moon Magic

Let’s talk about the taboo Void-Of-Course Moons. Simply put, the time when the moon is moving from one sign into the next, is a void of course moon; it has no specific planetary energy.

When most people say Dark Moon in reference to Astrology they’re usually talking about Lilith. However, I’m adopting the term to reference the forbidden topic of void-of-course spell~work.

Any seasoned alchemist is aware of the energies within the universe, and that includes the stars. The void of course moon or dark moon magic, as I call it, are some of the most potent and powerful spells anyone could cast.

Well, that’s not what you’ve heard, right? LOL

The reason why most of us avoid this type of work is because we’re usually working on attracting something that we want. The moon’s energy gives the working another layer of energy to propel it into manifesting. So, of course we want to utilize every little bit of help we can receive from the cosmos!

Dark Moon Magic is best for spells and rituals regarding uncrossing, removals of all kinds, cleansings, banishment and serious exorcism level removals of unwanted spirits. These spells are meant to repel the negative energies. Also, for letting go of the old attachments and cutting the ties that bind emotionally and spiritually.

Dark Moon Magic is great for psyche, subconscious, hypnotism, psychic abilities and dream work because it enhances the internal perspective.


Herbs For Dreams





Passion Flower

Herbs For Removals





Angelica Root



Palo Santo – to cleanse spaces and clear negativity

Sage – for healing

Cedar – for protection



White Rum

Florida Water



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I'm a spiritual coach that uses multiple ways to divine a situation.

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