Hoodoo Protection Blue Bath

This is an herbal blend plus blue bath, very easy to make and super potent!

If you haven’t heard of a blue bath, that’s ok, it’s very old school.

So the main ingredient is laundry bluing tabs pictured below :

Reckit laundry bluing



*Yields about 1.5 qt

1 Blue Laundry tab

3 c water (Spring, Rain or any moving water from natural source)

3 tbsp of each herb (Angelica Root, Arrowroot Powder, Lemongrass, Hyssop, Burdock Root, Rosemary & Basil)

3 tbsp Cascarilla Powder


Bring herbs and water to boil, simmer for 15 min.

Strain and cool for 5 min; stir in blue tab until dissolved.

Cool for 10 min and stir in cascarilla powder.




Use 3 ways:

Add to bath water and soak

Pour from head to toe in ritual

Use as floor cleanse


This bath is great for spiritual protection and any removal of negativity. Enjoy



Published by Goddess Of Magi

I'm a spiritual coach that uses multiple ways to divine a situation.

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