Money Boost Hoodoo Spray

I use this spray when I can’t do a full ritual.

I use this money mist on my body, hair and hands before doing any work.

I use it to spray my office as well.




Yields approx 1 Qt.

3 c. water

7-8 fresh sprigs of Basil (leaves only) OR 5 tbsp of dried herb

3 tbsp. dry vetiver

2 tbsp. ground patchouli

24k gold flakes

Shredded money

1tsp white alcohol (for storage in small bottles up to 8 oz)



  • Bring water to hard boil and remove from heat.
  • Throw in herbs, cover and allow to steep for 7 minutes.
  • Uncover and strain.
  • Let cool; add gold, money and alcohol.
  • Shake before each use.


* You can add a drop or two of money oil instead of gold/money for added boost but its not recommended




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I'm a spiritual coach that uses multiple ways to divine a situation.

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