The Magic of Garlic

Garlic has been around for ages and is one of the most popular veggies on the planet. Garlic is one of those things we eat everyday to flavor our foods; but may not know all of the properties of this magical root vegetable.

Across our planet from Ancient Egypt to China to India and Rome to the United States we see the use of garlic expand. Currently, in the west, we use this bulb vegetable to season other foods. However, did you know that garlic has been used for years as a talisman to ward off evil by most of the ancient cultures?

In Hoodoo we use garlic, which is ruled by MARS, to ward off evil, enemies, unwanted guests and to protect the overall home environment. This powerful root veggie is one of the most powerful and effective protection tools in our arsenal as conjurers.

I read on Healthline, that raw garlic is high in vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins C & B-6, Selenium and Manganese – all of which promote healthy hair. It also protects keratinocytes, which are skin cells on the outside layer of skin that produce keratin.

A basic garlic oil made right at home can be your answer for multiple uses!

Cooking, Beauty & Spells!


Powerful Protection Garlic Oil Recipes:

*Depending on your bottle opening will determine how you cut your garlic for these recipes. Image Below: (left) sliced, (middle) diced, (right) crushed.


Recipe 1:

8-10 oz EV Coconut Oil

8-10 garlic cloves



Recipe 2:

12-16 oz EVVO

16 garlic cloves


Directions for Hair:

Combine oil and garlic thoroughly and put in cool dry area for 24 hours.

Shake the oil vigorously before use and apply to bald patches, dandruff patches, or thin areas at the root and work through hair to tip.

Wrap hair and leave overnight.

Wash hair next day.

Repeat 2x weekly as needed.


Uses in Magic:

If using for protection oil make sure to either CREATE YOUR OWN SPELL or pray Psalms 27 & 91 over the blend while making.

Great for dressing protection candles, anointing individuals, placing in car/home after cleaning, mojo bags and talismans as well.



NOTE** If not using oil immediately, add a preservative 20- 30 drops Pure Rosemary Essential Oil.

***Rosemary also helps to stimulate hair growth and tastes delicious with garlic ANNNNNNNNNNNNND is a great protection herb for the individual and home.)



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