Lavender’s Influential Powers

Most of us know the amazing effects of lavender because it’s used in all kinds of things from shampoo, to candles, to ointments, to air fresheners!

This potent herb has over 40 species to choose from and is from the mint family!

Mostly we know it calms and relaxes us with its soothing medicinal properties that help us sleep better.

However, in Hoodoo we use this herb slightly different!


The first thing we think of of for ‘love’ magic is usually rose and jasmine.

Did you know lavender is used to DOMINATE a situation?

Whether it be to return a lover, make them more susceptible to your seduction or convincing a boss or neighbor to do something for you.

Lavender helps to subdue your target and influence him or her to do exactly what it is you need them to do.

It has the power of persuasion and when mixed with other dominating herbs makes a powerful tool in your witchy arsenal.



Mix lavender essential oil with olive oil and apply to skin (behind ears, behind knees, bottoms of feet and underarms) when needing to hypnotize your target to get your way!

Published by Goddess Of Magi

I'm a spiritual coach that uses multiple ways to divine a situation.

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