The Dirty Truth of Hoodoo

In Hoodoo, we work with what we have – and luckily we lots of dirt to use on our planet.

Well why would we be using dirt in a spell?

Welllllll guys, its an ELEMENT and directly connected to the location it’s found at!

Modern practitioners use talc and cornstarch as a base for their hoodoo dirts/powders; however our ancestors used ACTUAL DIRT and GROUND ROOTS.

<NOTE> Don’t forget to pay the spirits of the dirt before taking it!
So lets talk dirt examples and their uses, so you know what I mean:

Photo Credit: Wired.Com

Graveyard Dirt – blessing or curse/hex
Hospital Dirt – healing
Hospital (Asylum) – to cause confusion
Red Brick Dust – protection
Police Station Dirt – keeping police away; justice spells
Railroads Dirt – to attract or send away
Bank Dirt – money and prosperity
Enemy Dirt (From their shoes / house) – curse enemies
Church/Holy Place Dirt – protection, healing and blessings
Dirt Surrounding Water (River, Lake) – cleansing
Playground Dirt – protection for children
Lovers Dirt (From their shoes or home) – to dominate
Termite Dirt – tear down enemy and take their power
Dirt Dauber Nest – domination and cursing
College / University Dirt – to acquire higher education or more knowledge
House Dirt – to help protect home and family or when purchasing a new home
Casino/ Track Dirt – gambling luck

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