Protect Yourself… With Chicken?

Chicken is a tasty bird if you ask me. You can fry it and bake it- grill it season it and boil it!

However, did you know you can use the different parts in hoodoo rituals?

Let me explain before you get freaked out: Different parts of the chicken have been used in hoodoo for centuries.

In this article we will take a look at the main parts used and what they’re used for.

The main use for the parts are for cleansing.

What came first: The chicken or the egg?

Most people are familiar with the egg cleanses but that’s pretty much it.


Eggs help to remove blockages, curses and illness. Brush yourself in a downward motion from the top of your head to your toes, as you pray to Spirit to remove whatever is blocking you or causing illness. After you’ve finished the removal, crack egg by a few different ways: you can throw against a tree in your backyard, you can crack egg in glass of water and take to crossroads to dispose of (leave offering to chosen crossroads spirit of choice) and leave glass, don’t return to this point, another way you can dispose of the egg is to crack in a glass of water and take 2 broom straws and form a cross over glass to keep negativity inside and leave at the base of a tree away from your house.

Chicken wings can be woven together to create a fan used for a ‘sweeping’ style cleanse. Following the same method starting at top of head moving to feet, you want to ‘sweet’ away the bad juju while praying for the removal or creating a banishing spell in your own words. (Black Rooster Wings are a favorite)

Chicken feet are ugly- but they’re great for protection and removals. Chickens scratch things with their feet and thus we use the feet to ‘scratch away’ crossed conditions and overall negative energy. Same method – starting at the top of the head (holding the foot about an inch away from body) and working your way down to the toes, you will read Psalm 23 or 91. When time to wipe feet down, wipe in a heel to toe direction. (Perform this 9 nights in a row)

Now make sure when using the feet- you clean them and dry them out, you can even pain them red and black for protection.

You can use Florida Water or Van Van to cleanse feet energy after your removal and to boost their protective energy.


Old Style Conjure: Hoodoo, Rootwork & Folk Magic. Casas, Starr. 2017. 187-188.

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