Burgh Witches

In 2021 the direction of Burgh Witches began to shift into more of a community focused organization, so I created a Facebook group so that all the Pittsburgh residents that identify as a witch or with witchy ways of life can get together in REAL TIME outside of stores and events and do things together!

Pittsburgh! In 2020 I created Burgh Witches as a way to connect local witches with Witchy Shops and events in the area. I shot a few interviews with shop owners and posted the videos on my YouTube channel.

Screenshot from GOM YouTube

I began to organize the group with a new addition to my team Tandra Jones, of T’s Wicked Wonders LLC, who became an admin of the Facebook group. At first we started out just doing brunches and planning to organize an official spiritual retreat… and it quickly evolved into planning more kinds of events! Some of those events are virtual meet ups, FREE classes, and more elaborate events for our 2022-2023 calendar!

In 2022, we announced that in addition to our virtual classes, brunches & meet ups that we organized the FIRST OFFICIAL WITCHES DAY at Kennywood (which will be Saturday, June 25 and discounted tickets are available through the group until June 1) and will have a WITCH STORE TOUR on a party bus!

There’s so many wonderful benefits to joining the group and once you’re a member you can sign up for our FREE NEWSLETTER that will not only include awesome mini articles and editorials but also an events calendar that shows our personal club events but also local witchy events!

Join BURGH WITCHES FB GROUP today for a community over 1K members cultivated especially with YOU in mind!

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I'm a spiritual coach that uses multiple ways to divine a situation.

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