Dark Moon Magic

Let’s talk about the taboo Void-Of-Course Moons. Simply put, the time when the moon is moving from one sign into the next, is a void of course moon; it has no specific planetary energy.

When most people say Dark Moon in reference to Astrology they’re usually talking about Lilith. However, I’m adopting the term to reference the forbidden topic of void-of-course spell~work.

Any seasoned alchemist is aware of the energies within the universe, and that includes the stars. The void of course moon or dark moon magic, as I call it, are some of the most potent and powerful spells anyone could cast.

Well, that’s not what you’ve heard, right? LOL

The reason why most of us avoid this type of work is because we’re usually working on attracting something that we want. The moon’s energy gives the working another layer of energy to propel it into manifesting. So, of course we want to utilize every little bit of help we can receive from the cosmos!

Dark Moon Magic is best for spells and rituals regarding uncrossing, removals of all kinds, cleansings, banishment and serious exorcism level removals of unwanted spirits. These spells are meant to repel the negative energies. Also, for letting go of the old attachments and cutting the ties that bind emotionally and spiritually.

Dark Moon Magic is great for psyche, subconscious, hypnotism, psychic abilities and dream work because it enhances the internal perspective.


Herbs For Dreams





Passion Flower

Herbs For Removals





Angelica Root



Palo Santo – to cleanse spaces and clear negativity

Sage – for healing

Cedar – for protection



White Rum

Florida Water



Hoodoo Grocery List

We’re going to run down the most popular household items needed as a hoodoo practitioner and hope that most of you already have most of these items on hand.

The Basics

Jars – Essential for various uses; such as sweetening and sour jars.
Brown Paper/ Parchment Paper – Used to write prayers and petitions.
Incense – Homemade or otherwise, it’s a must to raise the vibration of your work. The smoke also helps to cleanse the ritual space.
Honey – For Sweetening a person to your will or charms.
Vinegar – For Souring/Vengeance, specifically hexing and jinxing. *Also for cleansings!
Oils – Olive, Sunflower or Almond (depends on use) are used as a base for ritual oils. It’s up to the rootworker to infuse and bless them with whatever is needed for their work.
Straight Pins – Used to ‘seal’ or close your work; such as when working with lemons, cucumbers, animal tongue etc… another use is for voodoo dolls to cause injury to the target
Candles – every color & every size for every kind of spell
String or Yarn – to knot someones life or to bind the work or mojo bag


Ammonia- used to cleanse and remove negative energies

Bluing Laundry Balls- used to cleanse, raise vibrations and ward off evil/ negativity

Cascarilla- used to cleanse and protect

Florida Water- used as spiritual cologne, in baths, and other washes to raise vibrations and cleanse the energies

The Herbs

Alum – used to stop gossip and loose lipped smack-talkers and protection against negative spirits.
Anise – YO, this herb is a beast. it fights off bad juju like you wouldn’t believe all the while boosting your spidey senses
Basil – draws money to the house for those working from home and great for spiritual cleanses
Bay – overcomes obstacles and brings victory over the bullish
Black Pepper – basically like with all pepper it’s used in retaliation works and revenge, interestingly can be used as reversal herb to remove curses
Cayenne – plain and simple… this is used to hot foot a mf and get them outchyo face, general hexing
Cinnamon – okay this is the best herb ever, its versatile and accessible almost anywhere: used for love, money and helps to speed up other workings
Dill – cause nothing says fuck your relationship and sex life with that bitch quite like a pickling seasoning
Eggs – used to cleanse negative energy away from people and then randomly thrown up against a tree to be analyzed
Garlic – apparently the vampire movies were onto something cause this herb repells the sheeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiit out of evil
Marjoram – protects you and the fam, also protects your job or business from curses/jinxes
Nutmeg – whole or ground, money honey
Oregano – pushes all the laws away, po-po and in-laws can get this oregano work
Poppy Seeds – talk about a mind fuck, add this to your hexing work to confuse and cause memory problems for your target
Rosemary – not her baby, the herb, typically used for protection baths and brings peace into the home
Thyme – to make your money strong like bull
*NOTE* We do our best in purchasing the actual herb or root not the processed stuff in the picture- we use that to season food, not our rootwork, but in a pinch, a true rootworker knows that REAL magic comes from the heart, not her kitchen.
Trust in yourself and work those roots!

Hoodoo Cascarilla Powders

In the tradition of Ifa and other Afro-Cuban traditions, you will see Efun (original plant based Cascarilla) was used more-so in the past than our modern counterpart Egg or Crab Shell Cascarilla Powder. Wait but what’s that? If you haven’t studied the origins of Hoodoo then you’re in for a treat.

Originally, Cascarilla is from a plant – not eggs and not crabs.

Cascarilla Plant Photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/blackdiamondimages

According to OriginalBotanica.com, “Like Santeria itself, cascarilla can be traced back to the native traditions of West Africa. Among other beliefs, the people of this region brought to the New World the concept of sacred white earth they called Efun.

They believed this substance could provide an individual with protection against evil. Cut off from their ancestral lands, they sought an alternative that could achieve the same effects. This came in the form of an herbal powder called cascarilla. The finely ground outer bark of this large, tropical shrub was already known among the Caribbean natives for its medicinal properties that included reducing fevers, operating as an expectorant, and even clearing flatulence.

In fact, the word cascarilla refers to any kind of outer skin or husk. Cascarilla also happened to possess a nearly white color. Over time, Santeria practitioners transitioned from using this herbal powder to using crushed egg shells. These were easier to come by, and the symbolism of the life-giving egg also made it very attractive.”

This is why we use egg shells today in the Hoodoo tradition as a main ingredient for protection.

These powders reverse bad luck, removes curses and all negativity and is great for overall protection. Use it in voodoo dolls, mojo bags, box spells, spiritual bathing and candle magick.

You can also use the solid form to write protection veves and charms in and around the home and work place.

Making Cascarilla Powder
Image by: http://yourhealthnation.com/egg-shells-miracle-cure/

Dear Little Witch

Dear Little Witch,

The things you’re curious about are totally normal.

The subjects that interest you are of a divine nature.

A free spirit you are, may your broom glide high.

It’s OK to like fae, dragons, spirits and magic.
It’s OK to know in your heart you have the ability to create the world you live in.

It’s OK to love flowers and herbs.
It’s OK to let your ancestors guide you.
It’s OK to apply that root knowledge to cooking and medicine.

It’s OK to know your magic isn’t perfect, it’s OK to practice until you perfect a spell.

Little witch with moonbeams in your hair and crystals in your pocket,

you are magic,

you are free and you can turn this world into whatever you want it to be.

A Witch that was once that little witch 🌙



Goddesses of Magi™

Erica Taylor
© June 29 2017
Photo Credit: Image from Google Images

Root Magic

Acacia – keep away evil
Adam and Eve root – good luck, especially in love
Adam root (from an Adam and Eve) – to hold a man’s love
Alfalfa leaves or seeds – to make money last
Allspice – for success, money drawing and for good luck
Aloeswood – good fortune, spirit contact
Angelica root – protection from harm
Anise seed – against evil eye
Asafoetida – prevents disease and keeps away police
Ash leaves – for luck in love affairs
Balm of Gilead buds – reconciliation, protection from jinxes
Basil – against evil; for purification, for luck-bringing, and for money drawing
Bay Leaves – protection from evil; victory and success
Bayberry – money drawing, luck drawing
Betel nut – protection and luck
Bistort – for good luck
Bloodroot – protection , family issues, luck
Blue flag root – money drawing
Buckeye root – success in any undertaking
Buckeye/Chestnut/Horse chestnut – for good luck and protection
Burdock – protection
Calendula – make dreams come true, prevent nightmares
Caraway – protection from evil; protection against jinxes and against illness
Cascara Sagrada – for good luck and court cases

Catnip – love drawing
Cayenne Pepper or Chile Flakes – used for protection, for uncrossing, for enemy work, and sometimes to “turn up the heat” on a spell that needs to work quickly
Celery Seed – for psychic vision
Cherry bark – love and passion
Cinnamon – for money, for love, and also for protection
Cinquefoil – success, protection; also said to draw wisdom, luck, power, love and money together
Clove – love and protection
Clover (four-leafed) – good luck
Coffee – used to repel witchcraft and repels misfortune
Comfrey leaves – for financial gain
Contra Yerba – keep away evil
Coriander seed – used for love, fidelity, and also for court cases
Cowslip/Primrose – protection and happy home
Cumin – for protection and for peace
Dandelion – use for peace and protection; makes wishes come true
Deer’s Tongue – for eloquence or to command approval from others
Devil’s Shoestring root – stop enemies and evil work, gambling luck or new job
Dill Weed or Dill Seed – used for court cases and legal work
Dixie John root – good luck
Dragon’s Blood Chunk – love, money, protection
Echinacea – use for protection, uncrossing
Elderberry – protect from witchcraft
Eve root (from an Adam and Eve) – to hold a woman’s love
Fennel – for protection against witchcraft, misfortune, and for keeping away unwanted attention from the law
Fenugreek – money drawing
Galangal – success in court cases
Gall of the Earth – money drawing
Gentian Root – brings love, carry in mojo
Ginger – used for lust spells, and also used for protection. Like cayenne pepper it can add “heat” to any working
Ginseng – draws love from women toward men
Goat’s Rue – protection from accidents
Grains of Paradise – luck and protection
Gravel root – job-getting
Hibiscus– for love
Horehound – guard against envy and jealousy
Huckleberry – good luck
Irish Moss – money drawing
Job’s Tears – fulfillment of wishes or prayers
Joe-Pye weed – friends and popularity
John the Conqueror (jalap) root – success and protection
Knotweed – love drawing
Lavender – for love, health and peace
Lemon – use for purifying and uncrossing
Lemon Balm – removes unwanted influences
Licorice – for command and influence
Lucky Hand root – luck and good fortune
Lucky Green Hoodoo Rice – good luck with money
Maidenhair Fern – attract love from a man
Male Fern – attract love from a woman
Mandrake – money drawing
Marjoram – to keep away unwanted people and protect from jinxes
Master of the Woods – to command any situation
Master root – for eloquence, friendship, and mastery of enemies
May Apple – protection of finances
Mint – for cleansing, mental ability, and money drawing
Mugwort – psychic powers
Mullein – protection against nightmares, burned to conjure spirits
Mustard Seed – black or brown mustard is used for enemy work and to cause confusion. White or yellow mustard is used for protection and uncrossing.
Myrtle – happy marriage
Nettle – for uncrossing
Nutmeg (whole) – for drawing money and for inducing lust
Orange Blossoms – fidelity and marriage
Oregano – keeps away unwanted people
Orris root – attracts love; to attract men
Parsley – good luck and money drawing
Passionflower – love drawing, psychic powers
Periwinkle – fidelity in marriage
Pine – for money and for uncrossing
Plantain root or leaves – against envy
Poppy flowers – psychic vision
Poppy seeds – confuses enemies, protects against negative forces
Queen Elizabeth (orris) root – love and protection, especially for women
Quince Seed – protection
Rose petals – love drawing (red – passion/sex, pink- romantic love, yellow – friendship, white – innocence/purity, orange- passionate romantic love)
Rosehips – luck
Rosemary – for purification, spiritual cleansing, healing and protection. Reputed to strengthen memory and for this reason sometimes considered good towards love and loyalty.
Rue – protection
Sage – burned to protect against the evil eye
Sampson snake root – enhances sex drive
Sandalwood – against evil eye
Sassafras herb or root – preserves finances
Sea beans (pods found in the sea) – good luck
Solomon’s Seal root – success and protection
Spikenard – good luck
St. John’s Wort – for happiness and good fortune
Star Anise – psychic vision, money, and good dreams
Sumbul Root – attract opposite sex
Sweetpea flowers – love and friendship
Sweetgrass – attract good spirits, smudge
Thyme – money drawing
Tonka beans – money drawing and love drawing
Uva Ursi – psychic power
Vervain – love drawing
Vetivert – financial and job-getting luck
Virginia Snake Root – gambling luck
Wormwood – protection from harm
Yarrow – for courage



The Ruda plant is widely held to be a Magical herb. Many people carry a pinch of Ruda in a cloth bag or place it above the front door to ward off the evil eye. Some folks make a tea of Ruda and sprinkle it around the home for protection or bathe in it to break spells. This herb can also be used to make a powerful love spell.


Burn the Wormwood herb in your home over charcoal to remove any hexes or curses. Carry in vehicle to protect from accidents on dangerous roads. Use as incense for clairvoyance, to summon spirits, or to enhance divinatory abilities.


Make the Mugwort leaves into a tea to wash your crystals. This will remove any jinx the crystal has picked up and will add strength to it. It can also be burned on top of charcoal before crystal gazing. Place the Mugwort herb in your shoes to produce energy and vitality.

Angelica Root.

Sprinkle the Angelica Root (also known as Archangel) in the four corners of your house, at the entryways and on the window panes to ward off evil. You may also add Angelica to your bath to remove any hexes or curses that have been placed on you.


Burn or carry a piece of the bloodroot in a red flannel bag to aid in protecting against hexes. Additionally burn as an incense or carry the root with you if someone is trying to take your husband or lover. This root can also be carried to attract a new lover. Place in windows and doorways to keep curses and evil spirits out. A favorite root for use in voodoo to defeat hexes and spells aimed against you.


Patchouli is used in spells, sachets, baths and mixtures for money and love. Put in your wallet or purse to draw money. Place in a charm, mojo bag or use in incense for fertility. Helps to ground you and bring your consciousness back to the physical level. Burn to increase the success of your business.


This herb is frequently used in exorcisms. Rub the Boneset leaves on the body of the possessed and then burn the leaves outside. Sprinkle an infusion of Boneset around the home to rid it of evil and negativity.

Comfrey Leaves.

Magical uses include money and safety during travel. Use for workings involving stability, endurance, and matters relating to real estate or property. To make a business trip profitable, brew Comfrey Leaves into a tea and sprinkle it on your luggage before departure. Rub some Comfrey on your wallet to help you hold on to your money.

Devil’s Shoestring.

Use Devil’s Shoestring root in spells of protection, luck, attracting a new raise or job and giving control over opposite sex. Carry in your pocket while seeking employment, if you are having problems at work, or if you are asking for a raise.

Galangal Root/Chewing John.

To reverse the effect of a hex and cause harm to the one who cursed you, chew on a piece of Chewing John while concentrating on your wish or desire, then spit it out. Carry for protection, to improve psychic abilities and to bring good health. Carry to court to make the judge or jury feel favorably inclined toward you. Wrap money around the root and it will multiply threefold. Burn for fourteen days before a court case, saving the ashes and bringing them to court in a green mojo bag for luck.

Ginger Root.

This root is known to draw adventure and new experiences. It promotes sensuality, sexuality, personal confidence, prosperity, and success. Ginger root is also known to improve the strength and speed of any mixture of which it is a part. Place in an amulet, mojo or medicine bag to promote good health and protection. Ginger root in the form of a human is a very powerful magical token.

High John the Conqueror Root.

The most famous of all Voodoo roots. Carry High John the Conqueror Root with you at all times to help remove and conqueror all obstacles in your path. Carry in a green mojo bag for good luck, money drawing and power over others. It is used for drawing luck, gaining mastery, and strengthening the libido of men. The chips of the root can be made into a dressing oil, and incorporated into sachet powders, incense, and crystals for bath or floor wash.

Queen Elizabeth Root.

Also known as Orris Root, it can be used to attract men and to cause them to love you. Used to bring love, romance, companionship and a loving mate, it is often called ‘Love Drawing Powder’ in voodoo/hoodoo. Add to sachets and sprinkle on sheets and around the house to draw or hold love. Place a pinch in the corners of the room to open a new love. Use in bath magic to attract the opposite sex.

Calamus Root.

This powerful controlling root is popular in Voodoo because of its strength. Add power to any hexing, controlling or dominating spell by burning Calamus Root as an incense during rituals. Place in corners of the kitchen to prevent hunger and poverty. Use to strengthen and bind spells.


This purification herb is used for cleansing yourself or your home, to put an end to crossed conditions, to take off a jinx, or break a hex. All participants in any ritual ceremony should add Hyssop tea to their bathwater to purify, cleanse and remove all negativity prior to beginning spiritual work.

Five Finger Grass.

This herb brings success in all the things that five fingers can do, and is used to get others to do you favors. To remove stubborn curses that have been place upon you, take a bath in the Five Finger Grass tea for nine consecutive days. Also place the Five Finger Grass Herb in a red mojo bag for prosperity and good luck.

Licorice Root.

Licorice root will help you gain power over others and control them; it is also used to change someone’s mind. Use a piece of tin foil 8 inch square and on top of it put one piece of licorice and some Controlling powder, write the person’s name on a piece of Sheepskin Parchment Paper seven times with Dove’s Blood Ink. Fold the tin foil and bury on the person’s property or near their place of employment.

Parsley Leaves.

Use Parsley leaves to calm and protect your home. They are known to draw prosperity, financial gain and luck. Use in spells to increase strength and vitality after surgery or illness. Use in amulets or other magical workings to help yourself out of a rut. Eat to provoke lust and promote fertility. Place on plates of food to guard against contamination. Mix with jasmine and carry in your shoe to make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

Marjoram Leaves.

Marjoram protects the home or business from evil influences or jinx. Place under your pillow to bring revealing dreams. Place in the corners of the home for protection. Use in love spells or place in food to strengthen love. Carry for protection or place in money mixtures and sachets to draw wealth. Put a pinch in the corner of each room in the house each month to attract a husband. Use an infusion in the bath for seven days to aid in resolving sadness or grief.

Witch Hazel Bark.

Introduced to the world by Native Americans who taught North American settlers how to use it, Witch Hazel bark is commonly used in topical treatments of skin problems and as part of a gargle. Magical uses include chastity and protection. Carry to ease grief over a lost love. Use in a sachet to reduce passions. Use in love spells and spells to ward off evil.

Info Via http://www.originalbotanica.com


Acacia Leaves
Use in Magic: Symbolizes the afterlife; the leaves are burned on charcoal to develop personal power.
Aloes Powder (Bitter Aloes)
Use in Magic: Used in a graveyard bottle spell to silence the lips of those who speak evil lies.
Arrow Root Powder
Use in Magic: An old-time hand-dusting powder for gambling luck; combine with lucky Sachet Powders.
Black Snake Root (Black Cohosh)
Use in Magic: Provides magical protection and strengthens those who are weak, timid, afraid, or shy.
Black Walnuts, In Their Husks (9 in a Bag)
Use in Magic: Used in a magic spell to rid oneself of ties to the past, to remove obsessive love.
Calamus Root Chips
Use in Magic: Used by those who wish to control a situation or to dominate a specific person. Chips and Pieces, for making your own dressing oil.(We also sell Calamus Essential Oil for anointing roots.)
Use in Magic: Burned with other magic herbs to aid psychic visions; removes sickness and mental problems.
Couch Grass (Witch Grass)
Use in Magic: Used in binding spells, both for love-magic and for evil purposes.
Jezebel Root
Use in Magic: Attracts men with money; also used in the famous curse of Jezebel against enemies.
Knot Weed (Ladies Thumb)
Use in Magic: To bind, restrict or control a person’s movements; to symbolically tie things down.
Lovage Root (Bo’hog Root)
Use in Magic: To attract a lover of the opposite gender for romance and sexual passion.
Magnolia Leaves
Use in Magic: Placed under the mattress for marital happiness, fidelity, and mutual sexual attraction.
Quassia Chips
Use in Magic: Used in controlling and domination spells to replace or augment the hair of the target.
Red Clover Flowers
Use in Magic: Used in love-magic, for a prosperous marriage, and to insure conjugal felicity.
Safflower Petals
Use in Magic: Burned for love by gay men; mixed with Sampson Snake Root to draw a dominant lover.
Sarsaparilla Root
Use in Magic: For health, to draw money, to bless a house, and to arouse sexual passion.
Tansy Herb
Use in Magic: Said to protect against the police, DEA, or INS looking into one’s affairs.
Wood Betony (Lousewort)
Use in Magic: Protective against evil spirits and disease; burned with Agrimony to reverse jinxes.

Love Goddess




She is love.

Hibiscus on her pulsepoints, subtle island scented pheromones fill the air when she passes by, the wind she moves us all.

She has Orris root in her curly hair and walks with a seductive stride that swings from both hips.

Honey drips from her lips so every sound she makes is sweet: Her breath, sweet like vanilla beans.

Jasmine for her breasts and her heart.

Between her thighs is a secret garden of roses that very few know about.

Honeysuckle wraps down her legs to the soles of her feet.

She sleeps amongst the lavender and dreams of her lover. In her dreams she calls to him.

Come to me.

Come to Me, Love.

Erica Taylor

Connection to Ancestors

Ancestor veneration is found throughout the world, not so much western society, but everywhere else they celebrate their ancestors by creating altars and shrines. These range from humble to lavish but the result is always the same: a stronger connection to spirit, a gateway for communication and guidance and a strong protective force on the other side.
Your ancestors are the first line of communication because they’re part of your DNA is the quickest way to unlock your metaphysical gifts. It’s also the quickest way to work with deities, especially African based deities.
When you build a relationship with your muertos then the road opening deities are more likely to work with you as they see your dedication and sacrifice through working with your ancestors.
How to create your altar :
You’ll need a minimum of one WHITE CANDLE (fire) and one glass of water. These two elements are the perfect equation for spirit communication.

You may add pictures of your passed loved ones, spiritual symbols such as your ankh or crucifix, holy books may be placed there as well.

Incense representing air element and usually some graveyard dirt of a loved one or basic sea salt to represent earth.

You may also add libations (coffee, liquor, wine, juice), tobacco or any vice they preferred (cigs, cigar, pipe, joint), a small plate of food or snack, a personal item of theirs is also good to add.
How to use:
You will light your candle, make sure you change your water every few days to a week and make sure you keep it clean and fully stocked.
*The energy you put on the altar raises the vibration. Think of a lighthouse, you don’t want a weak light in the fog, you need a strong beacon to make sure they reach you safe!

Because you’re essentially about to practice CONJURE, make sure you stay protected from negative energies.

You may use a circle of cascarilla, black crystals, sea salt, rosemary, rue, and marshmallow root to protect your altar.

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