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I tend to do the majority of readings over the phone unless attending a metaphysical event or private party.

Services Pricing:

Tarot 1 question – $15

Tarot 1 hour $95

Tarot /Mediumship 1 hour- $175

Tarot /Mediumship 30 minutes- $80

Mediumship 1 hour – $150

Astrology Natal Chart (no reading)- $25

Astrology Natal Chart and Reading Email ONLY- $165

Progressed /Transit Astrology Chart and Reading Email ONLY- $180

Sexxxtrology Report for Couples Video or email- $150

Self Healing Session – $230 (diagnose through tarot and multiple suggestions and directions are given to aid in starting the healing journey including a discussion on shadow work)

Soul Reading 90 min – $150

Which SERVICE do I choose?

  • Tarot Video Only – Write down questions in order from most important. Make sure you’re in a quiet place. Ask anything from timeframes to questions about love and finances.
  • Mediumship Video or Call- Be free from all distraction so I can connect to your spirits. I cannot guarantee you will always ‘know’ the spirits that come forth.
  • Sexxxtrology Report will heighten your intimacy and give you understanding into the hidden sexual and romantic natures of you and your lover. {must have birth location, time of birth and full birth date of individuals.}
  • Astrology Transit Reports show you the energies that will be experienced in the coming year exclusively by you.
  • Angel Card & Healing session looks at the negatives in your life and how to turn them into positives. {must have birth time, locate and date of all parties}
  • Soul Reading is very transformative and gives you insight on previous karma carried into this life. {must have birth time, locate and date of all parties}


  • Group Seance (up to 11 people) gives me an opportunity to conduct mediumship readings in a group setting for 120 minutes. We will not be raising spirits as they are already here. I will not ask them to do parlor tricks as this is to gain insight into your life and guide you ONLY, everyone will have a chance to connect with me for 7-8 minutes each.

COST: Pittsburgh Price- $700

  • Paranormal Investigation and House Cleaning is an opportunity to conduct a walk through of the location and speak to the spirits that are around the location. Location will be cleansed in traditional Hoodoo ways using floor washes and prayers amongst other things like smudging etc…

Cost Varies

House Parties:

*Pittsburgh prices ONLY*

Party Astrologer – $400 / 2 hours

Pittsburgh Party Tarot – $500 / 2 hours

50% Deposit required to secure date and time ahead of additional customers. Remaining 50% due exactly one week before the scheduled event.

* If you fail to make first deposit you could lose the date and time you’ve locked in. If you fail to make second deposit on time, without proper communication so we can set a new payment schedule, I will presume you are no longer interested and your funds will not be returned. Lack of communication is the same as a no call no show and thus you forfeit your deposit.

*I will do parties outside of Pittsburgh and charge $3/ mile for travel.

Ex: Canton OHIO is 50 miles away = additional $150 added to total cost

Payment Type Accepted:

*All services will have 7% sales tax added


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